Eco-Friendly Shower Head

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Luxuriate in a shower like never before with the first ever ionic filtration shower head.

Our shower head contains unique mineral balls that purify the water and remove bacteria, odors and undesirable substances, such as heavy metals, chlorine, chloramine and fluoride. The result? Your skin, hair and body are rejuvenated by the pure aquatic bliss. Feel revived inside out every day!


  • IONIC FILTRATION: water is purified when it passes through the energy mineral balls, meaning that bacteria, odors and undesirable substances such as heavy metals, chlorine, chloramine and fluoride are removed
  • AN ARRAY OF BENEFITS: purified water from the ionic shower head rejuvenates tired-looking skin and hair, minimizes fatigue as well as enhances cell regeneration and blood circulation, giving you increased energy level, mental clarity and overall wellness     
  • IMPROVED WATER PRESSURE: the ionic shower head improves water pressure by 200% and conserves up to 35% water, saving you money and minimizing environmental impact at the same time 


  • Installation type: handheld
  • Material: plastic
  • Length: 9.5 inches