Flexible Bit Extension

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This Flexible Bit Extension is the answer to removing screws or bolts in tight spaces. Easy to flex and easier to screw.

Our tools is easy to use. Just attach a drill/screwdriver on one end and screw and socket/screw on the other end. Flex the extension to access the screw or bolt and start placing in a new screw or removing one, it’s that easy!

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The Flexible Bit Extension can bend to angles up to 360 degrees. With this flexibility you will be able to reach screws or bolt in almost any spot.


This product is made up of metal on the interior to withstand extreme turning forces, and a plastic of the exterior to provide a solid grip.

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This tool is so small and Light weight it can fit in your pocket. With a length of 132mm, you will be able to carry around the flexible bit extension anywhere and everywhere.


Hexagonal Shank: 6.35mm (1/4)

Inner Hexagon: 6.35mm (1/4)

Length: 295mm


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